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Static library with a nib/xib file
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Static library with a nib/xib file

I want to build a static library which also exports a NIB file which can be included in the target which uses the library? Is there any way to do something like this? Motivation is iPhone, I can't make a framework, Static library is all I have. I'm already building the library and putting the headers into BUILD_DIR/usr/local/include and I have those imported nicely into my client project. Now I'm adding a user interface component to the library and I'd much prefer to have it configured via a NIB than do it in code.

So far the only idea I've come up with is to make a custom target which is a copy only and just have one piece of the build, something which copies it to BUILD_DIR/nibs, then try to drag that target to the resources of my client .. I've not tried this yet because it seems a little far-fetched. Am I on the right track here or am I basically a bit lost in space?  _______________________________________________
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