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Re: Switching between Mac Target and iOS Target breaks XCode
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Re: Switching between Mac Target and iOS Target breaks XCode

> I have an project with a Mac target and an iOS target. If I switch to the iOS target, choose simulator, and then switch back to the Mac target, XCode is stuck in a weird state where it thinks I'm still trying to build for iOS.
> I tracked the problem down to my user file (*.pbxuser in the xcodeproj folder). The line "activeSDKPreference" is stuck to whatever I chose while I had an iOS target. I can get around this problem by deleting this line in the user file. Xcode will detect the change and go back to normal. Is there a better fix for this?

There is not real *fix*, but you can Opt-Click your "Overview" combo box (when Xcode is in Project, in the toolbar).  You should see a more complete list of Active SDKs; pick an explicit OSX SDK.  A bit annoying, but probably less than editing your pbxuser file every time. ;-)

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