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search and ye shall not find in Xcode 4 docs
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search and ye shall not find in Xcode 4 docs

I'm encountering a huge bug in the Documentation window (Organizer) in Xcode 4. To see it, search on "precompiled". We get a list of pages under System Guides; for example, we get Xcode Build Setting Reference. But here's the problem - the only page listed in the search results is the *first* page of the Xcode Build Setting Reference - which doesn't contain the word "precompiled".

It looks like the docs have forgotten show the hierarchy here. I'm not fond of the hierarchical search results display (clicky clicky mister mouse), but at least for things that are shown as "books" they do show the actual page where the word occurs. But Xcode Build Setting Reference is shown as a class documentation page (it has a letter C icon); Xcode doesn't seem to understand that it has subpages.

It's weird, because the jump bar knows that it has subpages. It's just the search results that are not diving deep enough.


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