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Re: PyObjc Cocoa Applications in Xcode 3.2?
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Re: PyObjc Cocoa Applications in Xcode 3.2?

On Aug 31, 2009, at 6:43 AM, email@hidden wrote:

Can you no longer create PyObjc Cocoa applications in Xcode 3.2? Or can I just not find the right place in the interface to create one?

We are deemphasizing Cocoa-Python and Cocoa-Ruby, though existing project will continue to build in Xcode. You can duplicate one of your existing projects and use the new Rename command to start a new project.

Bugs filed against the removal of these templates will be duplicated to <rdar://problem/6967661> No Python/Ruby templates in Xcode, and we'll use that bug to gauge the need for that support in the future.

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