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Re: Save (Quicktime Movie) as JPEG
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Re: Save (Quicktime Movie) as JPEG

Simon Forster <email@hidden> wrote

> Following a post from Chris Adams <email@hidden> I decided to
> re-write a routine I had to use QuickTime instead of GraphicConverter. This
> routine simply resizes a JPEG picture.
> Using QuickTime I can resize the image without a problem but I cannot, for
> the life of me, get QuickTime to save a simple JPEG. How does one get
> QuickTime to save a JPEG?
> "export movie 1 to alias new_image as picture"
> Gives me a pict, no matter what I do. It's a smidge irritating.

You have to specify the settings preset.

export movie 1 to alias new_image as picture using settings preset "Photo-JPEG"

You could also use 'using most recent settings' if you had done it once manually.

Akua sweets will also do this job without the need to open any apps at all.

Try saving this as a classic applet.

on open droppedimg

scale image droppedimg to {320, 240}

end open

Just a skeleton, with no error checking (is there only one dropped file?, is
it an image?, can Quicktime read it? etc.), but it works as a droplet, and
will get you started.

Akua draw sweets are very powerful, with plenty of hooks into Quickdraw and
the Quicktime image importer. You can get it to open an image window to show
the image before scaling. and you can also resample, or recompress with it -
even do matrix operations on the rectangle.


Brennan Young

Artist, Composer and Multimedia programmer


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