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Siri disrupts other uses of Bluetooth HFP - any work arounds?
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Siri disrupts other uses of Bluetooth HFP - any work arounds?

I am the developer of Phone Amego which provides on-screen caller ID, click-to-dial, and Mac-to-phone integration.  The only way to access the mobile phone capability of the iPhone via Bluetooth is through the HandsFree Profile (HFP) which insists on trying to route call audio to the Mac.

This limitation prevents using Phone Amego and a Bluetooth headset at the same time (unless Phone Amego disconnects from the iPhone during a call). It also disrupts using Siri on the iPhone 4S since Siri tries to communicate through the Bluetooth HFP (connected to the Mac) even when no call is in progress and the Mac is configured to reject incoming audio requests (I believe this is inconsistent with the Bluetooth HFP).  When the Bluetooth SCO Audio link is closed by the HF, the Audio Gateway is required to transfer call audio back to the handsets audio devices.

QUESTION 1: Is there any way to control this behavior of Siri on iPhone 4S?

QUESTION 2: Is there a better way to get Apple to pay attention to other uses of Bluetooth HFP?
  (I have been filing bug reports for months)

Most Bluetooth phones support or expose the Serial Port Profile (SPP) in addition to HFP (since HFP is built on top of SPP). The commands and responses are identical. The only difference is that the SPP does less by not attempting to transfer phone or call audio. This would allow users to enjoy the benefits of Computer Telephone Integration (click-to-dial, on-screen caller ID, reverse lookup, call logging etc.) while using a Bluetooth headset or Siri at the same time.

I've noticed this pattern in other Macintosh applications as well (like iChat and Skype) which upon seeing a Bluetooth audio device, just assume it is a Bluetooth headset without regard to users actual intention. Apple was brilliant about re-inventing the phone in your pocket, but seems less tuned in to the fact that people have other phones, and want their phones to communicate with their Macs.

Any help to improve this aspect of the user experience would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

- Peter Sichel
  Sustainable Softworks

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