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Categories overriding methods
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Categories overriding methods

Hello all,

I am thinking about using a category to over-ride a class's init: method to return a subclass of that class. (Make sense? :) My question is basically, is that OK? I'm getting a mixed impression from the docs:

"It's best if categories don't attempt to redefine methods that are explicitly declared in the class's @interface section. ...

Note: When a category overrides an inherited method, the new version can, as usual, incorporate the inherited version through a message to super. But there's no way for a category method to incorporate a method with the same name defined for the same class."

I read that and basically... I don't get it. This is what I'm thinking of trying to do...

In my category (of MyClass):
- (id)initWithInfo:(id)info
[self autorelease];
return [[MySubclass alloc] initWithInfo:info];

In MySubclass:
- (id)initWithInfo:(id)info
return [super initWithInfo:info]; // calls MyClass' initWithInfo:

Is this... reasonable code? The reason I want to do this is because I want code that's already wired to create instances of MyClass to instead create instances of MySubclass without fiddling with the existing code.

-David Newberry
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