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[SOLVED-sort of] Re: NSTokenField ignoring field editor change?
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[SOLVED-sort of] Re: NSTokenField ignoring field editor change?

On Jul 7, 2005, at 9:41 AM, Nick Zitzmann wrote:

But despite this, the NSTokenField is using a plain old NSTextView as its field editor instead of the one I want it to use, while the NSTextField is using the custom field editor as it should.

Upon further investigation, it appears that NSTokenField is indeed ignoring the field editor as set by the window and using its own internal field editor titled "NSTokenTextView", and NSTokenFieldCell has a method called +_sharedFieldEditor that returns an instance of the class. So it looks like in order to use a custom field editor in an NSTokenField, one needs to override several private APIs...

Nick Zitzmann

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 >NSTokenField ignoring field editor change? (From: Nick Zitzmann <email@hidden>)

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