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how to unstick photo from glass
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how to unstick photo from glass

Hello Colorsync members. I recently received a photo for restoration from a client. The photo is a color photograph that is VERY faded (most likely from the 1960's), and is stuck to the glass under which it was framed. As a first step, and to add a bit of security to the project, I plan to scan the photo as is, i.e. stuck to the glass. This way, at the very least, I will have a copy of the original "as is."

However, I would like to be able to remove it from the glass. There are a number of stains that seems to be "caused" by some kind of interaction between the emulsion and possibly chemical residues left on the glass. Or another theory is that water/humidity soaked the print from the back and parts of the emulsion "glued" to the glass after drying. These stains will seriously limit my abilities to effectively restore the photo due to their size and placement. However, it seems that if the photo could be resoaked and removed from the glass, that these stains would be minimized. My question is: How do I resoak the photo? What liquid is safe to use? Any special advice or tips? Any advice appreciated. I apologize if this is too off topic for the colorsync list. I just figured that this would be the kind of place that would have professsionals that might have some specific knowledge related to my dilemma. If necessary, please reply of-list. Thank you.
Scott Scholtens
Life Image
Praga 9 de Julho 141-31
Santa Terezinha, Sorocaba, 18010-020
Tel:015-3217-8926 ou 015-9711-9869
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