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Re: detecting logout
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Re: detecting logout

On 1 Feb 2005, at 19:57, Pete Gontier wrote:

I am developing a per-user bootstrap daemon. This program used to be a
startup item, but for obscure reasons not relevant to the problem at hand,
it became necessary to morph it into a per-user bootstrap daemon (and not,
it should be noted, a global bootstrap daemon). The key difference between
the two forms of program for purposes of this discussion is that a startup
item launches once at startup and a per-user bootstrap daemon launches
whenever a user logs in. This means that there may be many instances of a
single per-user bootstrap daemon, which is fine. The trick is knowing when
each instance should quit. When the user logs out, per-user bootstrap
daemons are not automagically killed, which I suppose may be a feature to
someone somewhere. For me, it presents a problem, because there is no reason
for an instance of my program to hang around after the user logs out. The
trick is knowing when that is.

Does the user's .logout script (or whatever alternative bash has) get run when they log out of the console environment? If so, you launch your daemon from .login, and cause it to write its pid into ~/, and then .logout contains the line "kill -QUIT `cat ~/`".

Of course, if it doesn't get run, then you probably need to use a logouthook. But that would make you a customer of the WindowServer, which you don't want (understandably, because then users who ssh in don't get to kill their daemons).

Just thinking out IDE is and all that.



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