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Re: detecting logout
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Re: detecting logout

By the way, the triple-posting of my original message didn't come from me.
According to the headers of the duplicates, someone else re-sent my message
twice. I guess we'll see if it happens again for this message. :-)

circa 2/1/05 12:16 PM, "Graham J Lee" <email@hidden>

> Does the user's .logout script (or whatever alternative bash has) get
> run when they log out of the console environment?  If so, you launch
> your daemon from .login, and cause it to write its pid into
> ~/, and then .logout contains the line "kill -QUIT
> `cat ~/`".

If this script does run, and I doubt it does since typically such things are
only run as part of a terminal session, I can't really exploit this
reasonably because such scripts are arbitrarily complex and thus very
difficult to reliably modify programmatically (especially on uninstall), and
our users have no command-line expertise so can't do it themselves.

> Of course, if it doesn't get run, then you probably need to use a
> logouthook.  But that would make you a customer of the WindowServer,
> which you don't want (understandably, because then users who ssh in
> don't get to kill their daemons).

I got an additional message off-list containing a link to a page on logout

I read this far and stopped:

    you must modify the code for launching loginwindow found in /etc/ttys

Wow. I am definitely not in a position to do that.

I suppose I should consider kAEQuitApplication, but I am not sure how I am
going to listen to that without attaching to the window server. I have heard
there are lower-level ways to do Apple events, but I have never used them.


    Pete Gontier

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