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Various tools update request
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Various tools update request

I request that Apple updates some of the tools distributed with OS X/Darwin and Xcode

- bison
An old version gets installed.
Bison 2.0 has been released

- sed
FreeBSD sed gets installed, but it is crippled (doesn't recognize regular expressions)
GNU sed is preferred

- flex
An old version of flex gets installed.
Please note that flex is now on sourceforge (previously on gnu ftp servers)

- help2man
Unfortunately, this tool is not installed with Xcode or OS X/Darwin
(it can be configured with --enable-nls=no to prevent build problems)

- configure problems
There is a bug in Mac OS X that causes problems when configuring many software packages (see e.g.< msg00039.html>). As a result of this bug, the coreutils command "uname -p" reports "unknown". This confuses config.guess.


Adriaan van Os

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