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Difference between (getxattr()) and ATTR_CMN_FNDRINFO (getattrlist())
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Difference between (getxattr()) and ATTR_CMN_FNDRINFO (getattrlist())


The getattrlist() API returns Finder Flags through ATTR_CMN_FNDRINFO
while the getxattr() returns them through the Extended attribute
Any flags set using /Developer/Tools/GetFileInfo except for L (Locked)
flag shows up in The L flag shows up as uchg in

Though the two look identical are there any differences? Are there any
flags returned by only one of the 2 API's. Is anyone a subset of the
other ? While doing a backup of files, is it ok to use either of them
( ATTR_CMN_FNDRINFO or ) or should I use both of
them ?

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