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Re: Building Objc4 on Windows
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Re: Building Objc4 on Windows

Hi Matthieu,

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 5:26 AM, Matthieu Cormier
<email@hidden> wrote:

> More succinctly.  Did you get your compiled version of objc working?

Yes, I did indeed get it to build.  I checked in the (slightly
modified) sources and VS 2005 project files here:

Note that building objc4 itself is fairly uninteresting.  You need a
corresponding set of Objc objects to load into the image for anything
interesting to happen.  That is what the map/unmap/load_images are
meant to do.

If you look over darwinbuild or perhaps even GNUstep you could
probably figure out how to create a suitable kernel of objc objects.

Currently, I don't need access to the runtime, so I have disabled the
build in the OpenCFLite project.

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