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Re: Alternative to bootstrap_register?
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Re: Alternative to bootstrap_register?

On 18 Nov 2009, at 15:22, Jean-Daniel Dupas wrote:


> First case:
> 	Parent process create a receive right using [NSMachPort port].
> 	It register it using an UUID string as the name for example using -[NSMachBootstrapServer registerPort:name:].
> 	It starts a child process passing it the service name as argument (or using env variable).
> 	The child process get a send right using the -[NSMachBootstrapServer portForName:] method
> 	Your Mach channel is up.


> Second case. You want to have a send right on a child process.
> 	Parent process register a service using launchd API (and pass an UUID string as service name).
> 	Parent query a send right using bootstrap_lookup. -> launchd start the child process.
> 	Child process retrieves the receive right using the launchd API.
> 	 Your Mach channel is up.
> If you need this configuration (child has receive right, parent has send right), an other way is to use method 1 and then the child process can create a port and send a send right to the parent using the first mach channel.

Another alternative is just to use bootstrap_checkin() from the child process, and then you can use the port that that API returns.  The parent would then use bootstrap_look_up().

(That's what my sample program does.)

Kind regards,



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