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Re: [Fed-Talk] iPhone DVT Team Jailbreaks iPhone 3G
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Re: [Fed-Talk] iPhone DVT Team Jailbreaks iPhone 3G

On Jul 17, 2008, at 2:26 PM, Timothy J Miller wrote:

On Jul 17, 2008, at 1:46 PM, Fletcher, Boyd C. CIV US USJFCOM JFL J9935 wrote:

I know unlocking is legal, however Congress should make the it illegal to
provide phones that can not be unlocked. in a ideal situation the vendor
could sell a locked phone at a subsidized price and an unlocked phone at a
different price.

Nothing prevents this today. E.g., Palm now sells the Centro unfettered directly from their website--alongside the service-locked phones. Same goes for some other phones, though not all models from all makers are so available.

IMHO, the only reason Apple *doesn't* do this now comes down to *one single feature*: Visual Voicemail. This requires service-side support, and in exchange for building it the services extracted exclusivity agreements. And for whatever reason Apple felt the feature was compelling enough to cave on it.

It's a shame, really, since I think Apple could've gotten a better deal--like selling AT&T & T-Mobile SIM cards straight from the Apple store--if they didn't need the service side support. This could've been the thing that broke the US cell market wide open. But 'twas not to be.

Yet. We'll see when the AT&T exclusivity agreement expires. In 3 years.

It's more than visual's also the need for affordable unlimited data packages. In the US it may be simple with only one other (major) choice for a GSM carrier; namely, T-Mobile. But the world over, it's not so simple. And in the US, the iPhone 3G wouldn't even work on T-Mobile's high speed network, and it's not because Apple has crippled it. So there's the potential issue of multiple versions of hardware, or the untenable situation of making the device slightly larger, or other tradeoffs.

Not to mention the requirement to have a carrier that is willing to handle the product in the way that Apple needs it handled. Apple's already breaking down carrier models: selling music, (free) ringtones, and applications via a channel OUTSIDE of the carriers' traditional models. Some might scoff and talk of all the things they can do with their [insert favorite smartphone here], but the fact is this is a FIRST for any handset in a way that is accessible to the masses. Just like the iPod.

The current model is better than Apple becoming an MVNO, or just selling phone hardware and hoping ordinary consumers will be able to figure out plans and services that serve the iPhone's needs well.

Also, AT&T's initial agreement was 5 years. And something that is little-known, but seems to be common knowledge among AT&T managers, is that because of the first year being such a fiasco (from AT&T's perspective), AT&T was granted the right to renegotiate...and they did, for another 5 years of exclusivity. No, there are no press releases or official statements to this effect...but AT&T has been telling this to its retail managers in briefings. (And even if that's not accurate, it's still 4 more years of AT&T exclusivity in the US).

Yes, the carriers have a racket, but there are also compelling reasons to have carrier partnerships (and the locked handsets that come along with it). Just one is more control of the ecosystem, and leverage to do things outside of the carrier's traditional models, which haven't been possible or practical for mainstream, ordinary users, even if they have been for savvy or "power" users. Apple is, as usual, breaking down these walls, and when it gets sufficient marketshare, will be able to throw around its weight a bit more to everyone's benefit. Witness Apple's moves on DRM-free music with iTunes. Jobs' statement on DRM was the biggest single shot across the bow of the DRM status quo from anywhere near that important in computing or media, ever. And other vendors (like Amazon) have been able to take advantage of this, to the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

With the iPhone, Apple will be moving the wireless industry beyond the doldrums that it has been in for years, and will make advanced, desktop-class features available to normal users in a device that fits in your pocket. There's a bigger picture, here.

- Dave
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