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[Fed-Talk] 10.6.8 + Safari 5.1 CRASH Accessing
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[Fed-Talk] 10.6.8 + Safari 5.1 CRASH Accessing

I've been cruising along for over a year now using my CAC with every day - no problems.
Today, I updated to 10.6.8 and to Safari 5.1.
Every time I access https://software.forge.mi, Safari crashes on me.  Sometimes immediately, sometimes after rendering almost an entire page.

I did notice that my DoD issuing intermediate (DoD 25) was not in my keychain - it never was, but that did not seem to matter before these updates.
I installed that cert, and my CAC certs all appear with green check marks again.
Same crashing behavior.

I have tried, to no avail, all of the following:
- deleting/re-creating identity prefs
- reinstalling Safari 5.1
- repairing disk permissions
- repairing the startup disk
- reinstalling tokend NG
- purchasing, installing and using Thursby Pkcard

I've sent crash reports to Apple and entered a topic on the Thursby support forum.

Anyone else seeing anything like this?
Tomorrow I'll try a different CAC reader.


John Casebolt

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