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Re: request to list management
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Re: request to list management

On Oct 11, 2007, at 2:10 PM, Christopher Bort wrote:

On 10/11/07 13:42, email@hidden (DAVID FILE) wrote:

I did set up a filter as you all indicated and only two of the many
responces were filtered as they were sent to the server.

But, my retentive-side would still like to see a prefix. :)

Here's vote against munging subject lines. It's an ugly fix for a non-problem. Filtering on the List-Id header works in every mail client that I use regularly.

I find munged headers to be useful for other than automated filtering -- often list traffic is lower-priority and I like to see what's from a mailing list and what isn't so that I can make a quicker decision whether to keep or not based on the visible subject. I don't think it's ugly, I think it's beautiful. So I unvote you. :-)

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