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Re: request to list management
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Re: request to list management

On 10/11/07, Rich Cook <email@hidden> wrote:
> > Here's vote against munging subject lines. It's an ugly fix for a
> > non-problem. Filtering on the List-Id header works in every mail
> > client that I use regularly.
> >
> I find munged headers to be useful for other than automated filtering
> -- often list traffic is lower-priority and I like to see what's from
> a mailing list and what isn't so that I can make a quicker decision
> whether to keep or not based on the visible subject.  I don't think
> it's ugly, I think it's beautiful.  So I unvote you.  :-)

I use two clients for reading mail: pine and Gmail (whether or not
Gmail is a client is up for debate, I suppose). Munging subject lines
to include an abbreviated mailing list name results in difficulties in
determining whether or not the email in question is useful, as it adds
10 or so characters to the beginning of the subject line and thus
truncates 10 or so characters off the end in pine's display. Munged
subject lines in Gmail would be a duplication of information, as you
can already automatically tag emails based on other information.

Count me as a vote against munging subject lines, so I unvote your unvote. :-)

Brad Cavanagh, Data Reduction Software Engineer
Joint Astronomy Centre, Hilo, Hawaii
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