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Speeding up remote GUI apps - colour depth or other ideas?
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Speeding up remote GUI apps - colour depth or other ideas?


I've been trying, very unsuccessfully, to speed up access to GUI apps over X11 over VPN via the local broadband (which isn't that great). My current attempts are based around trying to persuade X to use a shallower colour depth, figuring that will reduce network traffic (?).

I've tried altering the colour depth preferences (in Preferences>Ouput) & restarting X11 to make them active and also via using defaults write 15 (which I presume is essentially the same thing). Neither seems to make any difference--the apps still open painfully slowly on the local machine regardless of what I do and always seem to show the full colour depth AFAICT by eye regardless of the colur depth setting.

I'd welcome any suggestions.

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