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Re: Speeding up remote GUI apps - colour depth or other ideas?
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Re: Speeding up remote GUI apps - colour depth or other ideas?

On Fri, Oct 19, 2007, Grant Jacobs wrote:
>I've been trying, very unsuccessfully, to speed up access to GUI apps
>over X11 over VPN via the local broadband (which isn't that great).
>My current attempts are based around trying to persuade X to use a
>shallower colour depth, figuring that will reduce network traffic (?).
>I've tried altering the colour depth preferences (in
>Preferences>Ouput) & restarting X11 to make them active and also via
>using defaults write 15 (which I presume is essentially
>the same thing). Neither seems to make any difference--the apps still
>open painfully slowly on the local machine regardless of what I do
>and always seem to show the full colour depth AFAICT by eye
>regardless of the colur depth setting.
>I'd welcome any suggestions.

Run your remote x-clients via ssh with compression.

Performance depends a lot on the particular client.  Xterms are
generally usable.  Programs like Thunderbird or Firefax tolerable
for things like configuring a remote router, but I wouldn't want
to have to use it for Real Work(tm).

FWIW, our Internet link is 20 DS0s out of a T1 (about 1.280 kbps).

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 >Speeding up remote GUI apps - colour depth or other ideas? (From: Grant Jacobs <email@hidden>)

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