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Re: Speeding up remote GUI apps - colour depth or other ideas?
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Re: Speeding up remote GUI apps - colour depth or other ideas?

Thanks for your suggestion Bill. I've tried setting the appropriate options in
/etc/ssh_config, but I have to admit they seem to make any difference as far as I can tell (or at most a tiny effect that hardly noticeable).

I'm still confused as to why the colour depth options have no effect. Can't see why Apple would put them in place otherwise...!

Is there some way that a X11 client can be a bit of a pig and refuse to take any options and just work off fixed options? It could at least explain why nothing I do at the X server end seems to have an effect!


On Fri, Oct 19, 2007, Grant Jacobs wrote:

I've been trying, very unsuccessfully, to speed up access to GUI apps
over X11 over VPN via the local broadband (which isn't that great).
My current attempts are based around trying to persuade X to use a
shallower colour depth, figuring that will reduce network traffic (?).

I've tried altering the colour depth preferences (in
Preferences>Ouput) & restarting X11 to make them active and also via
using defaults write 15 (which I presume is essentially
the same thing). Neither seems to make any difference--the apps still
open painfully slowly on the local machine regardless of what I do
and always seem to show the full colour depth AFAICT by eye
regardless of the colur depth setting.

I'd welcome any suggestions.

Run your remote x-clients via ssh with compression.

Performance depends a lot on the particular client.  Xterms are
generally usable.  Programs like Thunderbird or Firefax tolerable
for things like configuring a remote router, but I wouldn't want
to have to use it for Real Work(tm).

FWIW, our Internet link is 20 DS0s out of a T1 (about 1.280 kbps).


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