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Re: emacs in Mac OS X
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Re: emacs in Mac OS X

>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick Mahan <email@hidden> writes:

Patrick> Also, if you are not adverse to building from source, the GNU sources
Patrick> support a carbon-based Emacs as well.  I have been using that one
Patrick> with good results and I much prefer it to either the Aqua or the X11
Patrick> version on my powerbook G4.

Except they broke the carbon emacs by adding the "multi-tty" branch for the
next release, and aren't fixing it due to lack of talent.  Apparently the
carbon port isn't important to them any more. :( So now we're stuck with
command-line (somewhat broken) and X11 (unsure, haven't tried that, since I
don't fire up X11 very often), or the 22.1 release only (the last working
carbon version).

If you're a mac developer, and appreciate emacs, please head over to the emacs
devel list and offer your services.  The previous guy abandoned it.

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