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Re: emacs in Mac OS X
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Re: emacs in Mac OS X

lev kantorovich <email@hidden> writes:

> 1. I tried many times to install xemacs on the Mac, even from the
> source; it NEVER worked properly, it behaved like a broken version;
> for instance, syntax highligting in fortran did not work, tab, etc.;

You might try gnu emacs from the cvs trunk. You might encounter some
problems, but all in all, it works pretty nice. I'm running it for more
than two days now, built on 20071022.

> 2. so eventially I switched to the Aqua; it is ok. However, its
> behaviour is slightly different from the "normal" xemacs: for
> instance, it does not except another file into the other part of the
> window, it always opens another window, but I've got used to this by
> now;

That opening a new buffer becomes a new windw in Aqua Emacs seems rather
stupid to me. Just take a glance, I have 125 buffers opened right now,
how could Aqua Emacs handle this..

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