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Re: X11 in Leopard: xterm on start-up
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Re: X11 in Leopard: xterm on start-up

On Oct 29, 2007, at 12:48 PM, Rich Cook wrote:

On Oct 28, 2007, at 3:27 PM, Ben Byer wrote:

Noted. If you want to make sure this is officially recognized, please file a bug a You will get a note back saying this is a duplicate of a known issue, but your vote will be counted.

sorry, but I have to have a little rant:

And from there, in my experience, it goes into a black hole, where nobody knows if anyone is working on it, whether any progress is made, or when it will get fixed, or if it even does get fixed. This is one of my big gripes with Apple. I file a bug and have no way short of pestering individuals in Apple how it is going. Can you guys just track bugs like normal people? Sheesh. Microsoft is not going to steal X11 from you. There is just the blank web interface and a "Thank you, your bug is very important to us" attitude coming from the whole system. It feels horrible and I don't even report bugs any more. You say you read them, but how would I know if you weren't?

Don't worry, you're not alone in being frustrated with the system currently available. Unfortunately, the mechanics of Radar are something I don't have much influence over.

This was one of the main reasons to switch to the distribution. Ideally, you would also have the option of submitting bug reports at, where we could all publicly track issues, people could submit patches, etc. Once fixes were made, *then* they could disappear into the black hole, er, Radar -- but at least the fixes would also be publicly available.

Of course, to make this work, we have to actually do development on that codebase. Right now, we're a bit behind the rest of -- we're working on a version of X11R7.2 (xorg-server-1.2) while they're working on xorg-server-1.4. I'm trying.

Ben Byer
CoreOS / BSD Technology Group, XDarwin maintainer

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