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Re: X11 Stereo on Leopard?
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Re: X11 Stereo on Leopard?

On Apr 15, 2008, at 1:38 AM, Dirk Kostrewa wrote:

this is not a bug report but my personal view how important a working X11 stereo on Leopard would be. Most of the scientific graphics programs that support hardware (or quadbuffered or sequential) stereo display via an emitter and stereo glasses use X11 for that purpose. These programs worked well in stereo with X11 on Tiger, but fail with X11 on Leopard. Asking the developers of these programs why X11 stereo on Leopard fails usually results in the rather helpless reply that Leopard's X11 doesn't report its stereo capability to their programs. In a scientific environment, X11 stereo is one of the most important features if you work with complicated 3D objects like big protein or DNA structures. The non- functional X11 stereo in Leopard creates a lot of headaches amongst scientific software developers and users that have to use X11 stereo, and keeps me from upgrading to Leopard on my MacPro.
May I express my urgent wish, probably also in the name of my Mac- using colleagues world-wide, to get a working X11 stereo on Leopard as soon as possible?


The need for working X11 stereo is definitely understood, it's just been prioritized below the crashers and other issues you've been seeing Jeremy working on lately since those obviously affect a greater number of people.

FWIW, I'd also dearly love to step up the pace at which some of the more esoteric / complex / architectural issues in Leopard's X11 are being tackled, but it's really hard to find resources in this space. We'd love to have more people working on the server, if only we could find more people who either understood the internals of it or were at least crazy and skilled enough to be able to learn the internals from scratch. We just got lucky with Jeremy. :-) Know of anyone?

- Jordan

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