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Re: DISPLAY is not set after rollback from xquartz to apples x11 app
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Re: DISPLAY is not set after rollback from xquartz to apples x11 app

On Aug 8, 2010, at 10:45, Peter Pertersen wrote:

> trying to rollback from xquartz v2.5.2 to apples x11 app it seems that
> I crashed my launch deamon configuration.
> problem is that launch deamon does not auto-start x11 anymore when
> opening a x11 app like gimp.
> rolling back i followed the instructions on
> I noticed the following during my research:
> In my launchctl org.x.startx was missing.

If that is the case, then it is because you originally removed it... which isn't necessary since XQuartz will take priority.  You should be able to just undo what you did.

> i added it again by "sudo
> launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/org.x.startx.plist"
> command.

Do that without "sudo" ... sudo runs it as root, but you don't care what root is doing.  You want to control your launchd session.

> What I am also wondering about this log is line 6 from end saying
> "Xquartz starting:", although i followed the xquartz uninstall steps
> and deleted the package references as mentioned.

That is the name of the DDX. and are essentially the same except for which directories are used (/opt/X11 versus /usr/X11).

> using the mailing list & google search I haven´t found an appropriate
> thread leading me to a solution.
> does someone know how i can get my os x auto-set the DISPLAY variable
> again or point me to an existing thread i haven´t found?

launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/org.x.startx.plist

If that doesn't work, something else is unsetting it.  Run "launchctl list org.x.startx" for more info.  Also, try finding the socket yourself by running "find /tmp/ -name '*:0'"

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