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Re: CHUD Framework moved - how do I do this?
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Re: CHUD Framework moved - how do I do this?

On 1 jun 2005, at 03.44, Richard Jackson wrote:

1) how can I make and compile a project that uses the CHUD framework and runs in both 10.3.9 AND 10.4.x?
2) where is the 10.4 framework header file? Can CHUD still take remote performance monitoring calls in 10.4?
Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!

This post on perfoptimization-dev is probably of interest to you:

On 12 maj 2005, at 19.56, Nathan Slingerland wrote:
CHUD.framework was moved to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks because it is not a stable, supported API, and because it may or may not be installed on the system.

But we certainly do want people to use Shark and CHUD for debugging and development. As a compromise, the headers are only available with the stand-alone CHUD installer package from: Performance_tools/

Our hope is that having the headers only available in the stand- alone installer (and the framework located in /System/Library/ PrivateFrameworks) makes these intentions clear.

j o a r

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