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Second instance of Xcode also open first instance's project
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Second instance of Xcode also open first instance's project

I have two Terminal windows each having a different setup of shell environment variables,
that I want my programs to inherit.

In the first window I open an Xcode (4.3.2) project by command line:
   lch% open -n $BIN/Program1.xcodeproj
Xcode opens the Program1 project as expected.

In the second Terminal window I want to open a new instance of Xcode
inheriting this window's environment variables for Program2:
   lch% open -n $BIN/Program2.xcodeproj
Xcode opens the Program2 project as expected
BUT ALSO the project of Program1 (exactly over the first Xcode Program1 project)

I now have THREE projects open!

When I open a specific project I would expect Xcode to open only that project.
Unless someone can explain the rationale for this behavior I will file a bug report.

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