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Re: gamma 1.8 or 2.2
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Re: gamma 1.8 or 2.2

On 9/16/05 12:30 PM, "Carlo Lavatori"  wrote:

> Until last week I realized that all the certified chromalin I get made
> from the High Definition scans I get done at my PrePress service, were
> correct only if I calibrated my monitor at 1.8

Should make NO difference if you're viewing the files in an ICC aware
application. The display calibration target values and the output are
separate here. It's possible the output profile preview tables are funky or
something else is going on. With the same output file, calibrating to 1.8
versus 2.2 in something like Photoshop should show no difference. The
Display Using Monitor Compensation in Photoshop adjusts the display preview
for both target values.

Outside an ICC aware application, that's a different story. 1.8 would most
certainly produce a different appearance from the same file compared to 2.2.
If you're calibrating and profiling your display, this is a moot point; the
preview isn't color managed.

>From the standpoint of your display, the gamma assumption of the OS plays no
role. That is, your Eizo isn't any different on a Mac or a PC; it's TRC
gamma is what it is.

> Let me add that the files I get from the prepress service are not color
> managed, as this is their choice of workflow. (No profiles)
> So I have no choice but to keep them that way

That says a lot!

Andrew Rodney

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