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gcc compiler error: "Ignoring attempt to re-define symbol"
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gcc compiler error: "Ignoring attempt to re-define symbol"

What I'm trying to do is to compile an open-source project under Mac OS;
in particular, there is no need to run any installation scripts,
to compile, only the gcc C compiler is required.

Although the project supports both Linux and FreeBSD systems,
however, on the latter it runs into this kind of error:

	-Tmp-//ccYQ9y4o.s:1073:Ignoring attempt to re-define symbol.
	make[2]: *** [obj_native/uaodv.o] Error 1
	make[2]: Target `all' not remade because of errors.

The error couldn't be on the file's source code,
because the very same runs whit no problems on Linux (gcc version 4.2.4).

Any hints would be well-appreciated.


Mac OS 10.5.8 gcc version 4.2.1 (Apple build 5577) Using built-in specs. Target: i686-apple-darwin9

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