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String handling still broken in dev_finddir(), bsd/miscfs/devfs/devfs_tree.c
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String handling still broken in dev_finddir(), bsd/miscfs/devfs/devfs_tree.c

Dear Apple developers,

A long time ago I found a serious brokenness in Darwin's devfs implementation.
I posted it to several newsboards, mailing lists and bugtracker tools as I was
told to do. Now, almost four month later, my bug still has a "Open/Verify"
state (stored as #3200736) and the simple one line patch I contributed did
still not make it to the kernel repository.
I actually thought Apple does a step in the right direction by taking advantage
of the open source software model, but seeing the core developers completely
ignoring submissions from the outside world makes me believe that i was
mistaken. What a bummer.
It's not that I necessarily want to have my own line in the Darwin kernel,
it's simply not possible for me to continue developing the driver I'm working
on when nobody out there is able to use it without patching the kernel.
Could someone *please* tell where the problem is?


PS: The linux kernel mailing list is verbose and rude, but at least
considerations are taken serious and patches fixing proper bugs get
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