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Re: request to list management
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Re: request to list management

At 11:05 -0400 10/12/07, Fernanda Foertter wrote:
>to add a $0.01 to this :)
>I'm pretty sure you can add header info to any email message you send.
>so if you say:
>when sending to x11, add header line list-id: x11
>then, when it comes back, it'll be filtered.
>I know that my Mail (OSX) app somehow figures out that if I use a  message as a template to forward it to someone else, it thinks it's  part of that same original thread.
>I know that perhaps it seems easier to have the list do this change,  but learning this bit will actually help you filter other stuff you  find difficult to filter otherwise.

The problem is that the person who replies directly needs to add that List-id: header, not the person who is replying to the list in the first place.

It was once considered good netiquette to reply to a question posted to a list by sending the answer directly to the questioner with a Cc: to the list. The reason was that speed of reply was better in the days of 300 baud telephone connections.

Unfortunately it's still practised today sometimes encouraged by well-meaning email clients.

I have developed a scheme that notices, when I send an email to a list, the subject line and preserves it in an allowed-subject list which is then used to filter incoming mail. It's tricky because not everyone adds the same things Re: is easy;  Antw: and other foreign, to me, additions are more difficult. It also requires direct access to files on the POP server.

And while I'm here. . .

Those [iCab] list markers are not handled properly by a lot of lists, especially those hosted by Yahoo.

"Re: [iCab}"  gets turned into "[iCab] Re: [iCab}" or just "[iCab] Re: subject data" in some long mail loops.

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